Sunday, February 19, 2012


On Christmas Day 2011 I decided to start stitching the Nativity that was published many years ego by Leisure Arts. There are many pieces. I refuse to count them in fear of being discouraged!! This is supposed to be a SAL with the Kansas Stitchers Group. Once completed, if ever in my lifetime, I was going to give it away as a gift. I have now decided, since I love it so much, to keep it for ourselves for a while. I am stitching with DMC fibers on Flax 36 count linen. It is a lot of work because there are so many color changes, but I am really attached to this piece of work. Interesting to see when it will be completed! I am in no rush. My friend Linda's daughter stitched them all for her. I told Linda to go home and give Rebecca many hugs for stitching this monumental project for her!

St. Pat Mitten

My friend Kathy stitched this darling little mitten on 32 count linen. Much smaller than the pattern calls for. We have been stitching all these mittens on smaller count linen because they are so much cuter......We think so anyway! I did the finishing for her. I just love it!